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Hygiene and cosmetology are key for a healthy and beautiful scalp. There are no minor services when it comes to you, your hair and your smile. So, at Christos Hair Salon we care for your scalp and hair with the attention they deserve and need, especially when affected by medical conditions such as autoimmune diseases, hormonal imbalance or aggressive treatments like chemotherapy. Whether you visit our salon for a private treatment or to check on the best and latest products for hair loss to use at home, you will soon find out why Patient Hair Care is the UK’s leading specialist when it comes to Scalp and Hair Care, Hair Loss and Wigs.

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There is nothing new to trimming, styling and cutting your natural hair to change and improve your looks. But when it comes to wigs, especially natural hair ones, this trio gains a whole new importance, frequently making you forget you’re using a wig.

Besides trimming, styling and cutting hair and wigs, our services include wig fitting/hair extensions, consultations, advice and guidance, from diagnosis to treatment/solution, product sales and more…

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There is more to a wig than meets the eye. Besides how its made, the quality of the finishing or the material used (natural hair or synthetic fibres), fitting well a wing is just as important to achieving a natural look you feel comfy with – without the prying eyes!

But at Patient Hair Care, it’s not just about having a natural and functional wig fitting. It’s about looking after you, an individual with particular needs and wants and about us sharing with you our 50 years of experience and expertise serving patients and customers from all walks of life.

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