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At PHC, we strive to be the answer to all your hair loss needs and to go far beyond supplying and fitting the best wigs. We are here to hold your hand through all stages of your treatment, Preparation included. Here are some concerns, questions and queries our patients frequently ask:

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Patient Questions

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  • Should I have my hair cut short?

    If your oncologist or specialist cancer nurse thinks there is a high chance you may experience thinning hair, or total hair loss, then it might be good to consider reducing the length of your hair. Whatever your current hair length, choosing to have it cut short generally turns out to be good advice. Although it can be upsetting, preparing your hair and scalp early on gives you (and your loved ones) the chance to adjust to a shorter style. Taking this pro-active approach to your hair can make you feel more in control and make the transition a little easier. We have lots of experience doing this for our patients.

  • Do I have to shave my hair off?

    No, not at all. But you could discuss your options with your specialist hairdresser or cancer nurse.

  • When is the best time to shave my hair while having chemotherapy?

    If you are experiencing rapid hair loss, then it would be a good idea to start thinking about having your hair removed. It is easier to fit a wig when the scalp is clear of hair and, in most cases, it will be more comfortable because there won’t be any friction between the scalp and the wig.

  • Will it hurt if I lose my hair because of chemotherapy?

    Some patients say that they experience a mild prickling sensation when their hair starts to fall out. But this isn’t the case for everybody. Your scalp might start to feel a little tender, as it is exposed to the elements such as cold wind or hot sun.

  • How do I choose a wig that suits me?

    It is a good idea to take a photo of yourself before any hair loss begins. This will help your stylist, or specialist nurse, help you choose a wig that looks great. There are lots of things to consider when choosing a wig such as the face shape, age, lifestyle and natural colouring.

  • Do I have to get my wig from the hospital?

    No, but most hospitals either supply you with a wig or have a service available where you can make an appointment with a hairdresser who specializes in wig fitting, cutting and styling (such as PHC). You can always choose to make a private appointment with a hairdresser of your choice or a salon like ours.

  • I have a prescription for a wig, where do I go with it?

    You need to ask your specialist nurse for advice, as it differs from hospital to hospital. At PHC, we take NHS referrals from Milton Keynes Hospital for patients from the surrounding areas; just bring along your prescription when you come to see us and we will handle the rest.

  • Do I get any financial help buying a wig?

    It depends on your hospital and how they operate. The best person to ask for advice about this would be your specialist cancer nurse.

  • Will my hairdresser be able to cut my wig to a different style?

    Normally, if you have had the right advice about choosing your wig, it will need very little doing to it. Wig cutting and styling is a specialist skill that only some hairdressers have, so it is important to find a salon – like PHC in Newport Pagnell – that offers this service. You should also be able to book a consultation in a private room if you would prefer this.

  • Why are certain wigs more expensive than others?

    There are so many wigs available and many are made very differently, and with different materials. Cost will depend on things like the type of lining used (e.g netting or mesh) and whether it is made out of synthetic or human hair.

  • Is there anything I need to bring to my appointment for my wig fitting?

    If you have an NHS prescription, please bring that. Otherwise, there is nothing special you need to bring – although this can be an emotional time and we recommend that you bring a friend or family member with you. This is not just for moral support, they will also be able to give you an honest opinion on what the wig looks like on you and which style best suits you.

  • Will my wig look natural?

    Yes, fitted properly, it should. These days, there are many different styles of wigs, most of them with great quality and very natural looking. It is also good to get some advice from your specialist and, perhaps, do some research online. Talking to other people that have gone through the same experience could also help you.

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