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Finishing Treatment

At PHC, we strive to be the answer to all your hair loss needs and to go far beyond supplying and fitting the best wigs. We are here to hold your hand through all stages of your treatment, including when FInishing Treatment. Here are some concerns, questions and queries our patients frequently ask:

Finishing Treatment is always an importan milestone. If you have other questions about Patient Hair Care, our services, partners or our products, please check here on our website. Otherwise, get in touch!

Patient Questions

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  • When can I start to colour my hair after treatment?

    To be sure, you need to discuss this with your oncologist. At the moment, medical guidance suggests that you wait at least six months before permanently colouring your hair. Your hairdresser will be able to suggest different options throughout your recovery and recuperation stages. Remember that it is very important at this stage to always do a skin sensitivity test before colouring.

  • What happens when my hair starts to grow back?

    Your hair may grow back differently from how it was prior to your treatment. The hair follicles have been damaged and the new growth will be deficient in normal nutrients; in fact, quite often, the hair will grow back grey without colour pigment. Also, it may be curly, dry or frizzy, have a disrupted growth pattern and be very fragile. But, with lots of TLC, you will see a great improvement before you know it.

  • What type of colours can I use on my hair when it has grown back?

    When your hair has grown back, and you have finished your treatment, you will eventually be able to start to colour your hair again. When you do, we recommend that you start by using a semi-permanent or temporary colour which will ease your scalp and body back into having the colour applied. You can use permanent colours for highlights and lowlights, as they are not applied directly to the scalp. You and your hairdresser will be able to discuss when it is the right time to permanently colour your hair, but always remember to have a skin test first.

  • When my hair starts to grow back, will it grow back with even coverage?

    Your hair will probably not grow back with even coverage. At this stage, you should just continue to wear your wig for a while. It will help you to build up a good relationship with your hairdresser so that they understand what it is you would like to achieve and you can both work out a realistic action plan.

  • What will my hair be like when my radiotherapy treatment finishes?

    Radiotherapy is different from chemotherapy. High energy rays target the cancer directly, unlike chemotherapy which also attacks the normal healthy cells. If you are having radiotherapy on your scalp, you will probably lose your hair in the same place as the treatment is targeted (and just around it). Unfortunately, hair does not always grow back after radiotherapy treatments, or just some finer patches of hair grow back. Your radiographer will be able to tell you what you are most likely to experience. Unlike chemo, where you can experience sickness and extreme tiredness, radiotherapy is more localized to the cancer area, so you may experience tender skin (a bit like sunburn) and tiredness.

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