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People with hair loss find comfort and confidence (and a warm cup of tea) in our salon. We go through whatever you’re going through with you. From the moment your hair loss starts, to the happy day it begins to grow back.

Patients Of Patient Hair Care

Patient Services

At Patient Hair Care, we offer a wide array of services specifically designed to assist you during, before or after diagnosis.

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PHC Newport Pagnell Salon

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How Do We Care?

We Care For Our Patients

We Care For Our Patients

Patient Hair Care Works With NHS

Local Clients & Patients

Patients and clients receive special care, no matter if they’re local or referred.

  • Natural Looking Wigs

    Headpieces and naturally looking fitted wigs are great alternatives for your head and face. Natural fibres, colours, short, long, it doesn’t really matter, because we’ll help you find the perfect one!

  • Find The Right Style

    With a huge range of quality wigs and amazing designs, sometimes dilemmas arise. There are many factors to consider and choosing is never that straightforward. This is what our qualified staff is trained for and passionate about, so let us help you out!

  • Fitting a Wig

    Fitting a wig is not just toss it on top of the head and move it around until it luckily fits. We can teach you how to fit your wig when at home or have one of our specialists do it for you in our salon. You will learn some new tips for sure!

  • After Care

    Maintaining your favourite wig, readjusting a treatment or a product, or simply providing information anytime you need it at the best of our availability. We follow up on our various services because we care all through the way!

How Do We Care?

Even If You Have Been Referred

Even If You Have Been Referred

NHS & Clinic Referrals

You have been referred by the NHS or your local clinic and want to find out more? Please contact us and we may help you further.

We may even be available closer to home thanks to some of our partners!

  • I've been referred to PHC by Milton Keynes NHS

    We work in close partnership with Milton Keynes Hospital to provide a truly excellent and caring wig service for any patient; simply book an appointment with us and bring along the prescription you receive from the Macmillan Day Unit.

    Book your appointment here:
    01908 617 266

    [email protected]

  • I've been referred by another Healthcare Provider

    At PHC, we have seen many patients being treated for hair loss due to a variety of reasons; at your appointment, we’ll provide you with an individual plan which covers future stages in hair growth and how to look after re-growing hair.

  • I've heard about you and I'm interested in visiting Milton Keynes Salon for a private treatment

    We offer a variety of wigs, treatments and services for all budgets; at your first appointment, we will be able to advise you on the best treatments and products available to suit you and your particular hair loss condition.

    Book your appointment here:
    01908 617 266

    [email protected]

  • I'm interested in information and advice about your products for cancer related hair loss at home

    We get you access to a huge variety of top quality wigs, in a wide range of hair types, including European, Asian, African and from the UK. You can pick from the latest and best hair care products specifically developed and recommended to all types of hair loss.

Patients of Patient Hair Care

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Our Patient Testimonials

Our Patient Testimonials