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Patient Hair Care Questions

At Patient Hair Care, we strive to answer all your questions. And by establishing a partnership with the NHS, private healthcare providers and charities, we are capable of offering crucial services for your well-being and looks.

Read through some of the most common questions and queries we are often asked and let us how they work for you!

Questions About Patient Hair Care

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  • Why have you set up

    Because the UK currently has no uniform standards to set out how patients with medically-induced hair loss are treated.

  • Which cancer treatments cause medically-induced hair loss or thinning hair?

    Chemotherapy and radiotherapy; but these should only cause temporary hair loss.

  • What other medical conditions cause hair thinning and hair loss?

    Diabetes, thyroid conditions, anaemia, hormonal conditions, polycystic ovaries, alopecia, auto-immune diseases and skin and scalp conditions, such as psoriasis and dermatitis.

  • Do these medical conditions justify a prescription up to £70.15 for a wig?

    Yes, definitely. We believe that all patients across the UK should be entitled to a prescription for a wig. If an illness is causing hair loss, patients should be able to have access to a replacement – just as they are with any other type of prosthetics (e.g. losing a limb).

  • How does this work? Is there any policy for dealing with prescriptions?

    At the moment, there is no standard policy across the UK for dealing with these prescriptions. Our aim is for health care providers to join us and clearly state what their patients are entitled to – and who is responsible for their entitlement. We can help local health care providers set up and manage this system.

  • Why local health care providers trust Patient Hair Care in particular to look after their patients?

    There are already some great, well-established organisations, like Macmillan and My New Hair, who offer wig fitting services. We are different because our service uses our 50 years of hair care experience to provide a holistic service based on the entire patient hair care journey. We believe that each individual patient needs advice, support and choice – that is right for them – at each stage of their hair loss journey.

  • Why would health care providers need the additional services of Patient Hair Care?

    We have developed a personal, individual hair care plan for all patients, which can be integrated into local accredited salons. We are setting a standard of excellence to make sure patients are looked after throughout every stage of their journey – from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

  • How much does this level of personalized service cost?

    At the moment, there is a chaotic and confusing system which varies from one local authority to another; this causes huge inefficiencies and spiralling costs. By establishing a partnership between PHC, the NHS, private healthcare providers and additional charities, we aim to ensure that every patient in the UK is fairly treated by being given access to a prescription for a wig – and that they understand how they can exchange their prescription for a wig or put it towards a higher value wig. By joining PHC, we can give you a complete business strategy that will save the NHS, and private hair care providers, tangible amounts of revenue. It is vital that we work towards a national standard of excellence that the NHS and private healthcare providers can adhere to. This will give all patients a high-level of consistent service whilst delivering exceptional value for money for health care providers.